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GMA Series

Micro-Sized HV Bias Supply

The GMA Series of proportional DC to DC high voltage power supply modules provides designers a miniature low cost PCB mount solution with a nominal performance HV output.

The GMA Series operates from an input voltage of 1.2VDC to 12VDC or 2.4 to 24VDC. By proportionally controlling the input voltage to the module over this input range an output range of 10% to 100% is generated. The 8 models in the GMA series range from 10V to 100VDC through 300V to 3kV output voltage with 0 to 1.5 watts of output power.

Optional Isolation of the HV output from the LV input is available at 100V allowing the designer to ground the HV output at a remote point and to introduce a current sense resistor if needed. Optional low noise models deliver ≤0.1% pk-pk ripple through the use of an output filter & shielded enclosure.

GMA Series units are protected against reversed polarity inputs, output short circuit and open circuit conditions. These converters are fully encapsulated in UL Listed GE RTV627 and are 100% tested before shipment.

Typical applications for this series include the following:
Drivers for pulse generators, PZT actuators, MEMS devices, laser & electro-optic modulation, ink jet printing and electrophoresis.
Bias Supply for general purposes, detectors, Geiger-Muller tubes, Avalanche Photo Diode (APD), PMT, SiD, beam deflection and focusing in mass spectrometry (Ion Beam) and electron microscopes (E-Beam).

Model-Specific Downloads

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  • 8 models from 10V to 100VDC through 300V to 3kV DC
  • Proportional – HV output tracks the input to within 10%
  • Output power of 0 to 1.5 Watts - No minimum load!
  • Output ripple of ≤1.0% Vpk-pk, <0.1% with "-F-M" option
  • Output regulation 10% typical, 20% max
  • 100V of isolation from input to output (“-ISN” option)
  • No heat sink or electrical derating required
  • Efficiency >50% at full load
  • See the PXS & RS Series for higher performance.
  • >280,000 hour MTBF @40°C per Mil-HDBK-217F-N2
  • CE Mark (LVD & RoHS)

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