Repair Services
In addition to extended warranties and exchange programs, there are a number of programs to help you manage maintenance and repairs.

Our support staff—available 24 x 7 x 365—understands the consequences of unanticipated downtime. At each of our worldwide service centers, we provide fast cycle times, using only AE-qualified parts and following AE’s exclusive and stringent procedures for product test and service. Naturally, all mandatory safety enhancements are performed as the unit is moved through the repair process.
Our flat-rate repair (FRR) program simplifies this process. You can eliminate administrative steps and add cost predictability with a flat, low rate that covers the entire repair—regardless of the content.

For state-of-the-art performance and reliability from production run to production run, all Sekidenko, GenCal™, and Z’Scan® products require routine calibration and service.
Benefits Features
  • Ensure the highest quality repair
  • Implement upgrades for new features
  • Reduce downtime with product enhancements
  • Global infrastructure
  • Local presence
  • Exclusive test equipment and software