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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) & Flash Lamp Power Supplies

HiTek Power has recognised that in today's manufacturing world many system assemblers are moving towards high level integration of their products. In response to this we can design a system to meet the customer's exact requirements, including all the required components for an FLDU (simmer, capacitor charger, capacitor bank, series switches, auxiliary power and control circuitry). Output current pulses in excess of 1000A can be delivered to multiple lamps if required and systems can also be formally approved to medical standards.

The Series CC1000 (capacitor charger) is ideal for the basis of an FLDU system and can easily be integrated into a customer-designed FLDU system. See below for product details.

Features Typical Applications
  • Fully integrated
  • Variable pulse control
  • Simmer facilities
  • Custom solutions
  • Medical capability
  • CE marked
  • Flash lamp pumped lasers
  • Intense pulsed light systems