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The Ascent® DMS dual-magnetron sputtering accessory is an exciting power-conversion advancement that further refines process control and productivity for our customers in a way that will help shape new innovation in the long-established field of sputtering. This series offers repeatable, tunable film parameters and lowers cost of ownership in large-area glass, solar, flat panel display, AMOLED display, and other industrial, dual-magnetron sputtering applications. Designed to deliver 30 to 180 kW of bipolar power—with independent power control to each cathode—Ascent DMS units permit process engineers to customize duty cycle to the wear profile of each target. This enables increased target-erosion uniformity and full utilization of each cathode for longer campaigns. A controllable pulse rise feature offers significant advantages for producing more uniform and higher density films, while unique power-delivery options include selectable frequency, independent power-ratio regulation for each magnetron and power, current, or voltage regulation.

  • DC control for AC processes
  • Balanced target material utilization for dual magnetrons
  • Controlled film density, uniformity, transmission, and resistivity for your applications

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