Ovation® VHF Power-Delivery Systems
Photo of Ovation VHF power delivery system
The Ovation® fully-integrated, power delivery system enables faster, higher-precision processes, such as those required for demanding narrow-linewidth, dielectric etch processes, through the implementation of a unique power delivery scheme. It is the first to accurately deliver power into a non-50-ohm environment without an external sensor, reacting faster than traditional power supplies. The 60-MHz design reduces voltage potential across the plasma sheath, minimizing ion etch damage, thus improving film quality and yields.

Benefits Features
  • Broadens process windows 
  • Expands process capabilities 
  • Improves plasma characteristics 
  • Increases etch rate, selectivity, and uniformity 
  • Reduces Cost of Ownership
  • 2760 W, 60 MHz (contact factory for higher power requirements) 
  • Sweep frequency 
  • Non-50 Ù measurement capability 
  • Analog, RS-232, and Ethernet control options 
  • Smaller footprint—half rack option for power up to 2.7 kW 
  • Highly stable and reliable 
  • Expert applications support