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MMS-eB Series
Photo of XS Series Power Supply

Multi-Module Solution - Electron Beam HV Power System

The multi-module solution - electron beam, or the MMS-eB Series, provides all the power sources needed to operate a variety of industry-standard precision electron guns. This highly advanced solution offers exceptional performance, including PPM level temperature coefficient, ripple, regulation, and stability. The MMS-eB Series is configurable as a 3-, 4-, or 5-bias electron gun high-voltage power supply for beam, filament, extractor, suppressor, and lens voltages. Users can specify which UltraVolt modules to place within the system, selecting from standard E Series and A-F Series power supplies.

Model-Specific Downloads

MMS-eB series brochure
  • Optimal for electron guns
  • Exceptional stability and ultra-low noise
  • PPM level temp coefficient, ripple, regulation and stability
  • Half-quiet and Full-quiet mode capability • Wide variety of cables and connectors available
  • <200ppm to <1ppm ripple
  • <300ppm 3-year output stability
  • Low common mode noise
Parameter Conditions Models
Input   All ModelsModels
Voltage Range (VDC) Full power +24 VDC  ±10%
Current (A) Full load, max EOUT ≤3.5
Output   All Models
Accelerator   Any UltraVolt E Series or A Series power supply up to 15kV
Filament   Current regulated up to 3A with 0.1% accuracy and 10ppm temperature coefficient
Suppressor   Any A-F Series UltraVolt power supply up to 6kV
Extractor   Any standard E Series UltraVolt power supply
Lens   Any standard E Series UltraVolt power supply
All Models
   Operating (°C) Full load, max Eout, case temp. +18 to +40
   Storage (°C) Non-operating, case temp. 30 to +60
Stability All Models
   Short term (PPM/°C) 30 min. warmup, per 8 hr/ per day <10
   Long term (PPM/°C) Per week <15
   Long term (PPM/°C) 3-year <300
Humidity   All Models
   Operating Standard package 25% to 70% (non-condensing)
   Storage Standard package 0 to 95% (non-condensing)

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